MAX Collaborator, Julia Demarines, Lands On Mars… Sort of

MAX collaborator Julia De Marines lands on Mars in UTah

MAX collaborator Julia DeMarines from MARS as simulated at the Mars Desert Research Simulator. How long will it be before we receive a post from MARS, P.O. Box 4th planet from the sun, The Milky Way? If you look at the fine print of her post – Yes! an artist is on the practice mission. Will the actual rocket launchers include an artist in an early mission? Hmm. That is something to campaign for.

From Julia: “Today is day 5 (or sol 5) on Mars… or more like “Mars.” I have entered a two-week Mars simulation in the middle of Utah with five other crew-mates. The program is called the Mars Desert Research Station, or MDRS for short, and it gives crews a chance to experience the isolation and the collaboration of what a mission to Mars might actually be like. I am on MDRS crew 188 and our crew is comprised of alums of various International Space University programs. Each crew member has their own role and call name for the radio communication we use.”

Meet our crew

  • Ryan Kobric (USA/Canada) is our Commander (call name – KOB 1 – like Obi-wan)
  • Renee Garifi (USA) is our Executive Officer (call name – Llama Llama)
  • Zac Trolley (Canada) is our Engineer (call name – Boltz)
  • Tatsunari Tomiyama (Japan) is our Health and Safety Officer (call name – Tom Cat)
  • Sarah Jane Pell (Australia) is our Artist in Residence (call name SJ)
  • I am their Crew Astronomer and Green Hab Officer (more on this later) and my call name is Jules Verne (amirite?!?!)

Insta: @mote_of_dust (my personal) Twitter: @ISUonMars

SpaceX Makes History and The Cosmos Gets a Little Greener

Space X

Space X’s “flight proven” Falcon 9 Rocket launched their “flight proven” Dragon spacecraft into orbit today. The Dragon’s mission is to connect with the Space Station and re-supply the astronauts with its cargo. It’s the first time this sequence has been attempted with “flight proven” vehicles. The first act of this amazing drama premiered without a glitch today. Once the Falcon 9 lifted the Dragon into space and sent it off to do its dance with the space station, the Falcon 9, like a ballerina did a 180, returned to Cape Canaveral and landed perfectly on its pointe shoes, ready for the next lift. “Flight proven” is a muscular way of saying recycled and recyclable rockets and spaceships make interplanetary travel possible! So, is Elon Musk dreaming about going to Mars or are he, his cohorts, and his competitors really gonna make it possible in the next decade? Today, the futures traders may be placing some bets on the Yes side. And, artists and humanists are coming aboard to check out this mission, to work with some of its engineers, and report on its cosmic resonance. See their creative responses at MAX 2019: A Space Festival.

Watch the Falcon 9 ballet on this link (the live stream is not quite posted yet, but should be soon). Or google “Dragon Resupply Mission.” Gentlefolks, it is a new space age!


First MAX Blog

First Max Blog

From your den in the middle of the last century, you could communicate with a distant stranger via your ham radio. Our ionosphere – the upper atmosphere – provides a shield and bounces the ham radio wave back to earth to the unknown other. We, humans, are always trying to communicate with the other – the other person – the other ethnicity – the other alien. The ham radio with the voice struggling to be heard through the static is a literal and a metaphorical representation of this need to connect.

Outer space provides those who have experienced it a feeling that we are not divided in the ways we think we are. This is referred to as the overview effect. In this way space serves as a unifying force– a sense that we all belong to a planet rather than to a constructed identity.

At MAX we partner with artists and space scientists in order to plumb the depths of both disciplines, revealing the ways in which they inform one another. Modern technological developments have allowed us to connect with one another in ways we never could have imagined– here at MAX we are betting that the live arts are the most ancient and possibly the most reliable way. You be the judge of that when you join us for the festival MAX 2019: A Space Festival at venues around the Bay Area.

The festival will feature various modes of live arts. Christine Zuercher will have a ham radio shack adjoining her performance installation, THE DIG, May 9-11, 2019. You can collaborate with explorer Zuercher in her dig down and her journey up to the ionosphere to meet those tuned into her radio frequency. Come send your voice out across the planet to communicate with the other and maybe experience the overview effect from the vantage point of the ionosphere.