Rosebud — Through Young Eyes

MAX in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Rosebud Reservation and 5 Corners Collective are empowering young native artists to consider and reflect on the impact of science and technology on their lives through visual art.

This past COVID summer, youth at the Boys and Girls Club of Rosebud guided by teaching artist,s Robin Dahlberg and Josee Schryer, used their cell phones to document their lives under quarantine in South Dakota.   Enjoy the photos below and Read our interview with Dahlberg to discover more about this unique collaboration.

Learn more about the challenges facing the Lakota community and amplifying Lakota voices at Lakota Law Project.

Thanks to Robin Dahlberg and Jo Schryer, MAX teaching artists, Will Guerue, Photo League coordinator, and Glen Marshall, Executuve Director, for their stewardship of this program.