Space X’s “flight proven” Falcon 9 Rocket launched their “flight proven” Dragon spacecraft into orbit today. The Dragon’s mission is to connect with the Space Station and re-supply the astronauts with its cargo. It’s the first time this sequence has been attempted with “flight proven” vehicles. The first act of this amazing drama premiered without a glitch today. Once the Falcon 9 lifted the Dragon into space and sent it off to do its dance with the space station, the Falcon 9, like a ballerina did a 180, returned to Cape Canaveral and landed perfectly on its pointe shoes, ready for the next lift. “Flight proven” is a muscular way of saying recycled and recyclable rockets and spaceships make interplanetary travel possible! So, is Elon Musk dreaming about going to Mars or are he, his cohorts, and his competitors really gonna make it possible in the next decade? Today, the futures traders may be placing some bets on the Yes side. And, artists and humanists are coming aboard to check out this mission, to work with some of its engineers, and report on its cosmic resonance. See their creative responses at MAX 2019: A Space Festival.

Watch the Falcon 9 ballet on this link (the live stream is not quite posted yet, but should be soon). Or google “Dragon Resupply Mission.” Gentlefolks, it is a new space age!


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