MAX's mission is to increase artistic exploration and humanistic inquiry into the light speed advances in science and technology.  Help us present performances and interactive installations  to a diverse audience.  With your help we will bring space exploration into clear focus with MAX  2019: A Space Festival.

Media Art Xploration is completely funded by foundations, sponsors and donors like you. Every donation supports our mission of engaging artists and the public alike in the scientific and technological developments that determine the future of our species. Please note that all donations are tax deductible.

Launch us into the future!

If you would like to donate to MAX, we are happy to accept one-time donations!


Options for members are as follows:


Big Bang Members $50,000+

As founding members of MAX. The Big Bang Member may underwrite the festival in their name and join us on the journey of forging MAX’s future and receive all benefits listed below.

Spacefarers  $5,000+

As strong supporters of our mission Spacefarers will help inspire ideas for MAX festival themes and performances and attend a private, pre-festival event for artists, scientists, and donors and receive all benefits below.

Rocket Launchers  $500+

As key participants in MAX’s audience Rocket Launchers have a chance to meet and greet artists and scientists and are offered premium seats to all of MAX’s special events and performances for the duration of the year.

Comets  $100+

Comets  receive early seating access to our performances and their names will be listed in our program as patrons of MAX.


We welcome members of all velocity! We look forward to sharing our blog and newsfeed. Share your information with us, and we will be in touch!

We are proud to announce Our Partners


Want to partner with MAX? Contact our Producing Director Kay Matschullat at:


Thank you to our board and supporters

We thank our Board of Directors, Nancy Eswein, Dale Matschullat, Louisa Spencer, our supporters Frank Sica, Bob Matschullat, Anne Hoffman, Diane and Adam Max, Mary Vanderhoof, Allan Arffa, and our other individual donors for their continued support without whom MAX would not be MAXimized.

We thank the Sloan Foundation for their grant in support of MAX’s Spacefarers and their belief in the combustible power of the joining of art with science.

We hope you will join us as a supporter.


Corporate Sponsors

Parties interested in sponsoring MAX should contact us at to learn more about our sponsorship options.



Want to volunteer with MAX and support our mission? Email us at: with the subject line: ‘Volunteer’, and let us know your interests. We will get back with you within 72 hours with details on how you can get involved!