MAX’s upcoming art festival featuring space themed virtual reality games, augmented reality experiences, visual art, and performances will land in San Francisco May 16-18. In this festival at space, how do we consider our relationship to the earth? What can astronauts teach us about being earthlings?

Well, quite a lot. Perspective, for one.

As with the first photos from the Apollo 8 Mission, space photos of the “pale blue dot” have moved numerous astronauts towards profound feelings of awe. They describe the experience of this new perspective on our earth as one that gives them a renewed sense of responsibility. And this emotional response has become so common in space travelers that scientists have given it a diagnosis—The Overview Effect.

Though we have not personally traveled to space, we at MAX want to embrace the sense of stewardship inspired by this perspective. Toward that end, we have chosen not to provide merchandise at MAX 2019: A Space Festival, but are instead asking you to take your experience home with you. Rather than an expendable object that ends up in landfill, we hope to give you a memory that lasts but leaves no tangible trace. What would happen if we all felt more awed by our pale blue planet?

At the festival, you’ll be able to send a message to the center of the Earth!

  • Take a slip of paper, share with planet earth a moment in your life when you’ve felt your own version of the overview effect.
  • On the next phase of her dig, MAX artist Christine Zuercher will deliver your note to the Earth’s center.
  • Before it goes under, we’ll share it on our Instagram—connecting all of us explorers in our commitment to stewardship of the Earth and exploration of the boundaries of our knowledge and experience.

THE EARTH SPEAKS ALL LANGUAGES so come to the festival to send your message to the center!


Image: The Daily Overview



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