Discover When Light Bends, a play with magic and music that takes us “backstage” of the 2024 solar eclipse.

Journey through spacetime with Einstein and others as they figure out what makes matter move and how we matter.


MAXlive 2023
Where is my Body?

A festival of music, dance and interactive performance that intersects with technology and science in exciting, exhilarating, and provocative ways.

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MAXlive Spring 2023
Prometheus Firebringer

“Algorithmic theater is not sci-fi,” says Annie Dorsen. “The pieces I’m making are neither utopian nor dystopian fantasies of a far-off future…”

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MAXlive 2021
The Neuroverse

Live Arts festival pushing the limits of intelligence. 30+  artists, 20+ scientists, 15 performances, 5 Immersive installations exploring neuroscience and AI.

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Cutting Edge Conversations

Interdisciplinary Laboratory