25 Performing Artists, 15 Creative Technologists, 10 Scientists, 8 Performances, 2 Venues, 1 Festival!

Dive into MAXlive 2023 Festival

MAXlive 2023 Where is My Body?
A Festival of Music, Dance, and Interactive Performance


MAXlive 2021
The Neuroverse

Live Arts festival pushing the limits of intelligence. 30+  artists, 20+ scientists, 15 performances, 5 Immersive installations exploring neuroscience and AI.

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MAXlive Spring 2023
Prometheus Firebringer

“Algorithmic theater is not sci-fi,” says Annie Dorsen. “The pieces I’m making are neither utopian nor dystopian fantasies of a far-off future…”

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MAXlive 2019
A Space Festival

20+ artists, 15+ scientists presented performances and installations exploring the new space age and how we can reimagine our impact on earth.

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Cutting Edge Conversations

Interdisciplinary Laboratory