Photo by artist, Christine Zuercher


It is Our Mission:


To build a synergy between the artist and the scientist;

To engage audiences around innovative live arts to foster an informed and lively democracy;

To encourage artists and humanists to think constructively and critically about the influence of private enterprise on scientific innovation;

To find more ways to engage students at the university level in the arts and humanities;

To diversify science labs by engaging underserved populations of pre-college students, in particular focusing their intellects and imaginations on scientific missions;

To expand the breadth of both science and art, thus furthering humankind’s pursuit of a sustainable future.



We provide a stage for artists and audiences engaged in innovation. We initiate collaborations between artists, scientists, and technologists, as well as present existing works from around the globe. This interdisciplinary approach to understanding our world has the important impact of more adequately assessing the ground-level effects of scientific innovations. Artists and humanists have the opportunity to constructively and creatively influence those who aim to change the face and the fate of humanity.


Our Values

At MAX, we place art and innovation at the center of everything we do. Our core values of: Curiosity, Creativity, Discovery, and Practicality represent our dedication to fulfilling our mission. We value interactivity above all else and each of our presentations will have a live component of the presentation and a live audience. At times it might be a 1 to 1 ratio but we will always be there with you live!

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Staged in the San Francisco Bay Area, MAX 2019: A Space Festival will present original and acquired programs in the live performances, interactive, multimedia, immersive media, and spoken word categories.

Our current lineup includes a journey through galaxies from the microbial scale, a dance of dirt and steel and space-faring women, a Poetry Slam answering cosmic questions, and an augmented reality augmented of a not-so-distant future. There is much more in store for 2019, so stay tuned for festival schedule.

We want your input! Organize and curate a Slam in your school or community and qualify for the festival finals! Contact us at for details.


2020: Art+ {ificial} + Inte || igence

Just around the corner!


2021: To Engineer or Not To Engineer {What is Life}

Coming soon!


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We thank artist Christine Zuercher for her artwork posted on this website!