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Applications to our 2023 MAXmachina incubator will open in the fall for artists, artist-engineers, and thinkers to develop new work at the nexus of live arts and science. Please stay tuned. In the meantime check out our new 2022 MAXmachina cohort, our past fellows and their work

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Prometheus In Annie Dorsens’ Gaze

Dramaturg, Tom Sella, interviews pioneering performance maker, Annie Dorsen, on her latest foray into the world of algorithmic theater.

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MAXforum: The Neuroverse

Creatives and cutting-edge thinkers from this years’ festival help us take look at some of the most enduring themes and big questions in The Neuroverse.

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Hear On Wings Of Song

Treat your ears to this recording Brooklyn-based orchestra The Knights’ On Wings of Song live from The Neuroverse.

Highlights From MAXlive 2021: The Neuroverse

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Pieces From MAXlive 2021: The Neuroverse

  • How AI Lost Its Body
    Take a tour of the imagination of the engineer in...
             ONX STUDIO
  • Doppelgänger
    It doesn't take two to tango in the age of...
    November 05  - November 05      2021   New York Live Arts
  • SIREN: Listening to Another Species on Earth
    Come dive into the creative minds of humpback whales in...
    November 05  - November 07      2021   The Invisible Dog Art Center
  • Secret Garden
    Travel across space and time and immerse yourself in this...
    November 05  - November 07      2021   ONX STUDIO
  • Lizardly
    VR, MoCap and Machine Learning help you to imagine a...
    November 07  - November 07      2021   New York Live Arts
  • The Wandering Mind
    Close your eyes and see what it really means to...
    November 05  - November 06      2021   New York Live Arts
  • Inference Engine
    Step into the GANthropocene—a new kind of video game. Your spacecraft...
    November 05  - November 07      2021   ONX Studio
    A breathtaking investigation of artificial intelligence and computation. MAX, in partnership...
    November 05  - November 07      2021   
  • We Are Your Robots
    What do your devices really say about you? Hear it...
    November 05 & November 06      2021   
  • MAXforum: Have the Robot Armies Arrived?
    With a recent assassination in Iran by an autonomous vehicle...
    November 07  - November 07      2021   New York Live Arts
  • Inference Engine: Exploring GANs
    Grayson Earle introduces you to the basics of utilizing Generative...
    November 06  - November 06      2021   ONX Studio
  • On Wings Of Song: Listening To Another Species On Earth
    Take a flight of fancy with music inspired by bird...
    November 06  - November 06      2021   New York Live Arts
  • MAXforum: Costs of Extraction
    Your chance to talk to some of the artists behind...
    November 07  - November 07      2021   New York Live Arts
  • MAXforum: Bodies of Intelligence
    First, best-selling author and viral ted-talk speaker Annie Murphy Paul...
    November 07  - November 07      2021   New York Live Arts
  • MAXforum: Road to Recovery
    How can technology help us slow down, absorb information differently,...

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