MAX: Media Art Xploration invites artist submissions to MAXmachina, an incubator for our live and immersive arts programming.

Artists, artist-engineers, and artist-scientist teams are invited to submit proposals for finishing funds for works-in-progress that explore and interrogate innovations in neuroscience and in the development of artificial intelligence for MAXLive: The Neuroverse, a festival exploring AI, neuroscience and the human-machine interaction. Selected works will premiere at The Neuroverse and need to be near completion by fall, 2021.

APPLY BY March 1, 2021, 11:59PM PST Grantees announced in April 2021

ABOUT MAXmachina

Media Art Xploration invites artists to submit proposals for works in dance, theater, music, experimental performance, experience design, and media arts. Proposed works must include a live element and explore themes related to our focus in 2021 programming MAX Live: The Neuroverse. The themes include neuroscience, AI, and the dynamically shifting human-machine interface.

We like weird ideas that do not fit into categories and familiar ideas made unfamiliar. Using traditional forms such as cabaret, chamber drama, or stand-up comedy to illuminate the impact of science and technology on our times also aligns with our mission; we appreciate a simple story well told that reflects our humannesses in this moment. We hope to create conversations around how neuroscience deepens our understanding of human experiences (joy, serenity, trauma, addiction…) and how AI harvests our impulses, and how both are redefining what it means to be alive. 

We are seeking proposals for new or currently in-progress work. This call is open to emerging and mid-career makers, including those who do not traditionally work in live arts. We provide funding up to $5000, and production mentorship for funding, partnering and realizing the work with the support of our close network of scientists, engineers, artists, and patrons. Grant awards are determined on a case-by-case basis. 


Media Art Xploration produces live & immersive arts that harness & interrogate the scientific advances of our times.

Our goal is to bring artists, scientists, technologists and audiences where they have never been before giving thinkers in various disciplines an opportunity to explore and invent the future of our planet and democracy.

MAX sprung from the observation that community engagement in and awareness of scientific and technological change needs to grow. We aim to include audiences that do not have the privilege of access to the arts or to the information necessary to think critically about technological and scientific innovation. We support artists of diverse interests and backgrounds in order to foster a more equitable world.

The first two years of MAX exceeded our wildest expectations. We produced our first ever biennial festival, MAXLive – 2019: A Space Festival, performing in premier venues in San Francisco and New York and collaborating with over 100 artists and scientists to reach nearly 10,000 audience members.

We rose to the challenges presented by 2020, launching MAXVirtual, a platform for live art pieces created and curated specifically to be shared online, and MAXMachina, a residency program for creators looking to develop work that explores new themes, while also regularly hosting dialogues between scientists and artists around topics of shared curiosity: MAXForum.

Looking ahead to our 2021 festival, MAXLive – The Neuroverse, we’re excited to bring New Yorkers back together to explore neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and the human-machine interface, posing the question: “What is humanness and what makes it distinct?

We’re supported by individuals, corporations and institutions who share our belief in the unique capabilities of live arts to disseminate these ideas more broadly—an endeavor that’s more relevant today than ever before.


The Call is open to emerging and mid-career artists, working individually or in collaboration.  MAXmachina work will be featured in MAXLive: The Neuroverse and cannot have premiered prior.


Participation in the The Neuroverse.
Regular meetings with the MAXmachina incubator participants.  

APPLY BY March 1, 2021, 11:59PM PST 
Grantees announced in April 2021.