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NiNi Dongnier (b. Inner Mongolia) is a choreographer, dancer, interdisciplinary artist, and assistant professor in the School for the Contemporary Arts, faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, Simon Fraser University. Her art is continuous exploration of metaphysics of the human body, motion and its relation to specific space and time. Running through all the practice is an interest in perception, embodied experience, migration, natural landscape, and the structure and cultural entanglement behind them. Shuffling back and forth between Beijing, New York, Vancouver, and Inner Mongolia, she rooted in the northern trans-border nomadic culture, views of nature, philosophies, and art on one hand, and on the other hand, embraces a unique perspective that welcomes the dissonance from various forms and philosophies, which is internalized into an independent style of artmaking. She is particularly good at finding connections and shared nature among seemingly opposite things, challenging dualistic thinking. Dongnier is the co-founder of NUUM Collective along with Mimi Yin and Tiri Kananuruk.

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