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Luca Renzi is a choreographer, movement /creative director and video artist. He was born in Bern, Switzerland and is based in Los Angeles. He trained at the University of Zurich under Jochen Heckmann (Germany) and Andrea von Gunten. He is a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts with his Masters of Fine Arts in Dance with a concentration in Choreography & Dance / Technology under the direction of Sean Curran.

Luca was a member of the Vivo Ballet Contemporary Dance Company in New York. He recently made his debut as a dancer with Jacob Jonas the Company in spring 2023 in Los Angeles. Luca is the founder of the Choreographic Research LAB, a laboratory that he uses to create his own work and develops choreographers. Luca joined Mike Tyus & Co. full time in 2022 and is assisting the creative director Mike Tyus in Choreography, Management and Development.

Lucas’ work can be found on Stage, Music Videos and Film. For more information: @luca_francesco_renzi

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