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Sarah Rothberg creates playful, poetic, usually-a-bit-weird experiences that invite you to reconsider your relationship to the world around you. These take many forms ranging from VR/AR to installation, performance, video, writing, workshops.

Sarah’s work exists in a variety of contexts: at galleries, museums, festivals, on google docs, at the consumer electronics expo, screens in the NYC Subway system, Apple stores around the world, zoom calls, secret twitter accounts, or the MoMa (unsanctioned).  Some hosts have included: bitforms gallery, Rhizome, NRW-forum, MTA Arts, Sotheby’s S2, CultureHub, Gray Area Foundation.

Sarah is on the faculty at NYU (interactive media at Tisch ITP), a member of ONX Studio, and a mentor/former-member at NEW INC. Sarah is part of collaboratives: MORE&MORE UNLIMITED, which facilitates workshops for imagining changed worlds, and IS THIS THING ON? a post-web2 experiment in artist-driven livestreaming. Sarah is a 2023 Jerome Hill Artist Fellow.

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