AI Alchemist: Founder Roshan Singh

Opens the Portal to Immortality 

by Mar Hwa Wei


MAX presents Chapter Two of ELIXIR live online by acclaimed MAXmachina artist Mar Hwa Wei. Join us on December 9th for a webinar revealing how the company, Elixir, outwits death. An in-depth discussion and demonstration of Elixir’s authentic, trustworthy and revolutionary approach to disrupting the death industry, will be moderated by Chief Authenticity Officer, Gemma Stone.

After the webinar, join us for a unique digital afterparty experience hosted by

Meet the Artist:

Mar Hwa Wei is an interdisciplinary artist, board-certified psychiatrist, certified yoga teacher, and best-selling author of the Harvard Medical School Guide to Yoga. She is a graduate of Yale College, Yale Medical School, and Yale Law School, where she was senior editor of the Yale Law Journal and the Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics. She was chief resident at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital psychiatry program. Mar is a 2020 Pipeline Theatre Playspace artist to develop her immersive and interactive play Elixir: Digital Immortality. Elixir is based on an artificial intelligence tech startup that offers digital immortality. She has performed her work at interactive arts festivals as well as galleries in New York City. Inspired by her studies in philosophy, ethics, and aesthetics, her work focuses on questions of mortality, loss and memorialization, and digital and authentic identity. She is an expert contributor for Psychology Today with over 2.5 million views, Harvard Health, and Huffington Post. Her screenplay Radiant was selected as a finalist for an IMDB Cutting Room best TV series award. She is the recipient of the distinguished Anne Alonso Award for Psychotherapy from Harvard Medical School/ Massachusetts General Hospital and has a psychotherapy private practice specializing in holistic psychiatry in Manhattan. Mar is a 2020 MAXmachina artist.