Kat Mustatea & Heidi Boisvert


Concept: Kat Mustatea, Heidi Boisvert
Script: Kat Mustatea
Creative Technology: Heidi Boisvert
Performers: Kira Davies, Rina Dutta, Joshua Echebiri
Sound Design: Cecilia Lopez<
Production Design: Andrea Lauer
Lighting Design: Allen Hahn
Interns: Shequana Garnett, Patrick Rufino. Developed with residency support from GALLIM Moving Women Residency, New York Live Arts and the Movement Lab, Barnard College. Additional support from University of Florida College of the Arts with support from the Banks Family Preeminence Chair and UF Research

Artist Statement

Lizardly is a mixed reality play that explores AI, environmental collapse, and interspeciality. Vincent and Rebecca’s marriage is falling apart as they brace for an oncoming hurricane. And if that’s not bad enough, they are also turning into lizards. Set in post-anthropocene Miami, the drama unfolds in the aftermath of various ecological cataclysms: rising oceans, aggressive mold, bio-engineered flora that conduct electrical current. Humans have not been wiped out, so much as they have adapted to rapid environmental shifts by mutating into lizards. Vincent and Rebecca have no choice but to weather the storm inside their smart-home, a technological remnant named June whose functions (and malfunctions) they weaponize in an escalating domestic turf war. The staging employs VR, MoCap and Machine Learning to create a vivid portrayal of hybrid humans in a posthuman world. As a way of bringing the metaphor of transformation outward, the characters influence their surroundings through their gestures, triggering transformations in the environment.

Produced by Media Art Xploration and New York Live Arts 

Lizaardly has been developed in The MAXmachina Laboratory of 2020

MAXlive 2021: The Neuroverse is made possible by the support of Science Sandbox, an initiative of the Simons Foundation, 1014 – A space for Ideas, and WeWork.