Brecht Forensics: DNA Cocktails

Brecht Forensics: DNA Cocktails is a lecture that demonstrates DNA extraction live onstage, and then creates two cocktails, The Herman, and The Karl, from DNA of two different individuals, former members of the Berliner Ensemble. The lecture-demo is followed by a party where the audience drink the cocktails, and the performance takes place in the small intestines of the audience, as they ingest the DNA, break it down, and reabsorb its components into their own proteins. Made with the support of Genspace NYC.

Brecht Forensics: DNA Cocktails will take place during Final Frontier

Artist Profile

Sister Sylvester

Sister Sylvester works with animals and technology to make cross species collaborations and cyborg theater: essayistic performances using first hand research and found documents. They are based in New York and Istanbul. Sister Sylvester invite disruption into both the performance and the process, and look for dissonance and difficulty in text, image, and sound. Sister Sylvester have made work internationally, most recently performing Three Rooms, a live-skype performance, at Frascati, Amsterdam; Bozar, Brussels; Arcola, London; Birmingham Rep, among others, and The Fall: A Lecture Performance, at ATHE, Boston, The Public Theater (UTR).