The Final Frontier

Festival Closing Night: The Final Frontier and The After Party of the Universe!

Tickets for May 18 – The Final Frontier

MAX 2019: A Space Festival’s closing night! Experience a mix of cabaret, live painting and special DNA cocktails from Sister Sylvester. The cocktails contain DNA from a hat that was part of the costume for soldier #2 in the Berliner Ensemble performances of Mother Courage. Because Brecht wanted the hat “to stink like the war,” it has never been washed since, so it retains the DNA of those who have interacted with or wore it since 1949.

In February, patients at Houston’s Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital worked side by side with artist Edgar Medina on a history-making mission to create a unique work of art that launched into space aboard a Blue Origin rocket. Now, attendees have the chance to witness the triumphant return of this participatory painting at Z Space and bid at a silent auction to keep it here on earth.  

Brecht Forensics: DNA Cocktails is a lecture that demonstrates DNA extraction live onstage, and then creates two cocktails, The Herman, and The Karl, from DNA of two different individuals, former members of the Berliner Ensemble. The lecture-demo is followed by a party where the audience drink the cocktails, and the performance takes place in the small intestines of the audience, as they ingest the DNA, break it down, and reabsorb its components into their own proteins. Made with the support of Genspace NYC.

Mix with artists, scientists, engineers, and their avatars as we close MAX 2019 and introduce the themes of the next MAX festival.