MAXforum: Have the Robot Armies Arrived?

Includes a Reading from Johnsville Road, by Andy Bragen, Developed in Collaboration with Daniel Fish

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With a recent assassination in Iran by an autonomous vehicle did we unwittingly witness the entrance of autonomous weapons in the theater of war?  And what is a person to do about it?  


A conversation around an excerpt from Johnsville Road, a new work by Andy Bragen, developed in collaboration with Daniel Fish, moderated by Adaora Udjoni with AI ethicist Ryan Calo, AI ethicist and co-director of Tech Policy Lab at the University of Washington.


Artist Profile

Andy Bragen

Andy Bragen’s honors include Workspace and Process Space Residencies with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Clubbed Thumb Biennial Commission, and a Jerome Fellowship. His produced plays include This is My Office (The Play Company), Don’t You F**king Say a Word, and Notes on My Mother’s Decline (Playco/ABTP). Andy is an alum of New Dramatists and has an MFA from Brown University. He teaches playwriting at Barnard College.