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May 16 & May 18, 2019

Xin Liu’s sculpted avatar comes to life in space and dances through the cosmos on a Blue Origin rocket, until it is destroyed upon reentry.

Liu brings her sculpted avatar to life in space and it dances through the cosmos on a Blue Origin rocket.  In May she brings her robot’s space dance of death to the Exploratorium’s Webcast Studio.  Footage of the space voyage and narration of Xin’s journey creating the avatar, written by poet Abigail Wender, combine to provide an immersive and truly other worldly experience.  Living/Distance explores how each person holds a relatively inconsequential, but wholly unique place in this world.

Xin Liu

Collaborator Profile

Xin Liu

Xin Liu is an artist and engineer, whose research-based projects range from performances, apparatus, installations to scientific experiments and academic papers. Xin is the the Arts Curator in Space Exploration Initiative in MIT Media Lab and a member of New INC in New Museum. She has shown her work internationally at events and venues including Ars Electronica, Boston MFA, Sundance Film Festival, The Walker Art Center, OCAT Shanghai, ISEA and Music Tech Festival Berlin. As a researcher, Xin has worked in institutions including Microsoft Research NYC & Asia and Google ATAP.