Mapping Microbes: The Search for E.T

How are microbes, organisms that live on and in us, the key to finding extraterrestrial life?

Find out at Mapping Microbes: The Search for E.T. where MAX is getting microbial! Ask our partner Cal Academy scientists about the microbes all around (and inside) us and perhaps some ‘alien’ microbes we have here on earth! The search for extraterrestrial life — and perhaps the origins of life — begins not outward, but inward.

To help in your search for ET, visit the Blue Marble Space Station where you can “Ask An Astrobiologist” your questions. Blue Marble Space Institute of Science explores life as a universal phenomenon and empowers the next generation of scientists.”

Featured scientists:
Dr. Shannon Bennett, Chief of Science, California Academy of Sciences
Sanjoy Som, Ask an Astrobioligist
Meg Cheng-Campbell, NASA