Spacewoman of the Underground

Christine Zuercher attempts to dig a hole to the other side of the planet while wearing a handmade spacesuit!

Adjacent to her dig is a Ham Radio where she receives transmissions from all parts of the globe. Viewers are invited to investigate her findings and tune into the radio transmissions to experience the voice of the unknown. The Dig celebrates the human urge to explore while interrogating the instinct to exploit.

Illustration by Jeffrey Murray

Christine Zeurcher

Artist Profile

Christine Zuercher

Christine received a BFA from the University of Dayton and an MFA from East Carolina University. Her research is on shortwave radio, the Space Race, and transmission technologies with a focus in interdisciplinary and alternative photographic processes. She is a Dayton Art Institute Yeck Fellow and an Ohio Arts Council Excellence Award Recipient. She has a national exhibition record that includes the GreenHill Center for Art in Greensboro, North Carolina, Clamp Light Artist Studios and Gallery in San Antonio, Texas, and the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

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