We produce and present live arts that interrogate the scientific innovations and technological changes of our times.
We want to mark the untimely passing of Adam Max and salute the deep and resonant contribution he made to the cultural life of New York City.
 Adam Max supported production and presentation of arts around the city and we were honored he believed in our work. Talking with Adam, one gained a deeper understanding of  creativity and artistic possibility. He and his wife, Diane Max, provided financial, tactical and emotional support when we most needed it. We look forward to carrying on and contributing to the cultural fabric of New York inspired by his leadership and energized by the need to honor his legacy. We want to thank his wife Diane Max for her belief in our mission and sage advice throughout our existence.

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MAX 2021: The Neuroverse, our next live arts festival will engage questions about neuroscience and AI.

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MAXvirtual is a platform for live art pieces created and curated specifically to be shared online.

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MAXmachina is a program designed to support artists and develop their work for presentation at a MAX biennial festival

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  • Heisenberg
    With 100 others share an augmented reality tour of the...
    May 16 & May 18, 2019, Exploratorium
  • Extraterrestrial – A Drag Invasion
    Alert, alert! San Francisco is being invaded May 17 at...
    May 17 , 2019, Z Space
  • Living/Distance
    Xin Liu's sculpted avatar comes to life in space and...
    May 16 & May 18, 2019, Exploratorium
  • Star Stories
    Lakota youth from South Dakota’s Rosebud Sioux Reservation collaborate with Lakota...
    May 17 & May 18, 2019, California Academy of Sciences
  • Kronos Eclipse
    San Francisco’s Grammy-winning Kronos Quartet has a gravitational force, unlike...
    May 17 , 2019, Exploratorium
  • We Chose to Go to the Moon: Apollo 11's 50th Anniversary
    The Challenge to Reach the Moon. We Chose to Go to...
    July 16 & July 20, 2019, Carnegie Hall

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