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Gershon Dublon (b. 1986, New York/USA) is a researcher and artist-engineer working with sensing, machine learning, and embodied interaction to critically reinvent presence in a world of ubiquitous computing and planetary sensing. His work proposes methods to comprehend massive, longitudinal sensor data and AI systems in the service of a sensory connection to self and environment. Dublon has published articles in Presence (MIT Press), Scientific American, IEEE Sensors, New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Body Sensor Networks, International Conference on Machine Learning, and others, and recently contributed a chapter to the MIT Press book Swamps and the New Imagination. His projects and studio productions have been exhibited in venues and festivals including Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, Mexico’s National Center for the Arts, Ars Electronica, and the Sundance Film Festival. In 2018, Dublon co-founded slow immediate, a creative engineering studio incubated by The New Museum’s NEW INC program and ONX Studio. He is also a board member of Living Observatory, a Boston-based non-profit organization focused on the future of ecological restoration. Dublon received an SM and PhD from the MIT Media Lab and a BSEE from Yale.

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