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Kevin Peter He is a filmmaker and real-time visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Working across mediums and genres, Kevin uses interactive media to tell embodied stories in a post-cinematic context. These narratives often revolve around the filmic gaze, taking forms as audiovisual performances, interactive films, or XR (extended reality) installations that strike a balance between spectatorship and interaction. His aesthetic draws from cinema and technology, creating magical realistic worlds that interweave the familiar with the uncanny.


Currently, Kevin is the creative director of the industry leading mixed reality creative studio ZeroSpace. He holds a master’s degree from NYU ITP, where he also serves as an adjunct professor, and a bachelor’s degree in film from USC. Kevin’s work has been exhibited at institutions and events such as Coachella, Tribeca Film Festival, Mutek Montreal, ONX Studio, Gray Area SF, New York Fashion Week, Ultra Miami, NEW INC, and Oculus Launchpad.

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