As we all learn to adapt and respond to this new paradigm, MAX has been hard at work supporting our collaborators and sustaining the thrust of our mission—to create shared experiences at the intersection of art and science.  In this spirit, we introduce MAXvirtual: a platform for live art pieces created and curated specifically to be shared online.

Absurd Intelligence

2020 MAXmachina artist Grayson Earle challenges the foundational aspects of intelligent systems in his new two-part virtual work, “Absurd Intelligence
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AI Alchemist: Founder Roshan Singh Opens the Portal to Immortality

MAX presents Chapter Two of ELIXIR by acclaimed MAXmachina artist Mar Hwa Wei. Join us for a webinar revealing how the company, Elixir, outwits death. An in-depth discussion and demonstration of Elixir’s authentic, trustworthy and revolutionary approach to disrupting the death industry, will be moderated by Chief Authenticity Officer, Gemma Stone.
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Read Subtitles Aloud

MAX in association with PlayCo, presents Onur Karaoglu and Kathryn Hamilton’s Read Subtitles Aloud, a participatory soap opera narrative of camaraderie, sex, betrayal, and the digital life of theater in a pandemic.

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