Confronted with the isolation of the COVID pandemic, MAX supported our collaborators, sustained the thrust of our mission and reached an international audience.
In this spirit, we introduced MAXvirtual: a platform for live art pieces created and curated specifically to be shared online.

Why the Cops Won’t Fight Each Other & Absurd  Intelligence

2020 MAXmachina artist Grayson Earle challenges the foundational aspects of intelligent systems in his new two-part virtual work.
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Read Subtitles Aloud

MAX in association with PlayCo, presents Onur Karaoglu and Kathryn Hamilton’s Read Subtitles Aloud, a participatory soap opera narrative of camaraderie, sex, betrayal, and the digital life of theater in a pandemic.

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If Robots Could Dance | At Home

If Robots Could Dance | At Home continued a collaboration that Sheppard and Reben began with Pas De Deux, for MAX 2019: A Space Festival, in which her dance interacted with a robotic art-making system he conceptualized that created work live onstage.

The conceptual framework for If Robots Could Dance | At Home stems from Reben’s interactive artwork Latent Face, a photo booth that captured two people’s faces and combined them in latent space. In the new work, AI pulls from a trove of data in latent space to approximate Sheppard’s face between movements.

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I am Sitting in a High Dimensional Room

I Am Sitting in a High- Dimensional Room is an innovative sound simulation by artist and designer Philipp Schmitt (MAXmachina) and multimedia artist and musician Anina Rubin, based on composer Alvin Lucier’s seminal I Am Sitting in a Room. Created in collaboration with acoustics scientist Dr. Felipe Orduña Bustamante, it takes the listener into a high-dimensional space extending in many more dimensions than the three you are now in. Presented in association with 1014 Inc.

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