As we all learn to adapt and respond to this new paradigm, MAX has been hard at work supporting our collaborators and sustaining the thrust of our mission—to create shared experiences at the intersection of art and science.  In this spirit, we introduce MAXvirtual: a platform for live art pieces created and curated specifically to be shared online.

FALL 2020

I Am Sitting in a High-Dimensional Room

Presented in association with 1014

The sound simulation by MAXmachina artist Philipp Schmitt and and Anina Rubin, in collaboration with Dr. Felipe Orduña Bustamante, takes the listener into a high- dimensional space extending in many more dimensions than the three you are in now.


Read Subtitles Aloud

Want to find yourself in the middle of a new story? Read Subtitles Aloud will make you the main character in a story about a theater company trying to reinvent itself under the difficult circumstances of the pandemic. Onur Karaoglu and MAX artist Sister Sylvester bring Read Subtitles Aloud to the US, where you discover the story by participating through 12 short episodes. Be a part of your own binge! 

ELIXIR: The Funnel

The newest iteration of acclaimed interdisciplinary artist, psychiatrist, and law scholar Mar Hwa Wei’s work ELIXIR: Virtual 1:1 v2.0Elixir: The Funnel takes a look at the C-level internal workings of AI tech startup Elixir in their journey to secure beta users for their AI clone algorithm. Faced with increasing user concerns about data security and privacy, a failed social media campaign, and an ever-shortening runway, the company founders realize that the trustworthiness and legacy of Elixir are at stake.


Life Under Quarantine on the Rosebud Reservation 

From our partner students at the Rosebud Reservation Boys and Girls Club, a truly astonishing series of photographs during quarantine, documenting their pandemic perspective. Enjoy them today and feel like you have traveled beyond your screen.
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If Robots Could Dance | At Home

To develop a way to create new work while at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bessie Award-winning dancer/choreographer Alice Sheppard has teamed up with roboticist Alexander Reben. The virtual performance piece If Robots Could Dance | At Homeuses facial recognition technology to fill in the gaps between expressions in a face dance performed by Sheppard.
Learn to Face Dance!

ELIXIR: Virtual 1:1 v2.0

Acclaimed interdisciplinary artist, psychiatrist, and law scholar Mar Hwa Wei’s newest work is ELIXIR: Virtual 1:1 v2.0, an immersive theatrical production that invites one audience member at a time into the world of ELIXIR—and gives them the chance to be one of ELIXIR’s hand-picked beta users. Featuring a scenic element conceived by two-time Tony Award-winner Christine Jones (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, American Idiot) and performed by Maggie McCaffery, ELIXIR: Virtual 1:1 v2.0 walks the line between fiction and reality, engaging you in a provocative exploration of digital authenticity, identity, and legacy.