Confronted with the isolation of the COVID pandemic, MAX  supported our collaborators, sustained the thrust of our mission and reached an international audience.
In this spirit, we introduced MAXvirtual: a platform for live art pieces created and curated specifically to be shared online.

Why the Cops Won’t Fight Each Other & Absurd  Intelligence

2020 MAXmachina artist Grayson Earle challenges the foundational aspects of intelligent systems in his new two-part virtual work.
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Read Subtitles Aloud

MAX in association with PlayCo, presents Onur Karaoglu and Kathryn Hamilton’s Read Subtitles Aloud, a participatory soap opera narrative of camaraderie, sex, betrayal, and the digital life of theater in a pandemic.

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AI Alchemist: Founder Roshan Singh Opens the Portal to Immortality

MAX presents Chapter Two of ELIXIR by acclaimed MAXmachina artist Mar Hwa Wei. Join us for a webinar revealing how the company, Elixir, outwits death. An in-depth discussion and demonstration of Elixir’s authentic, trustworthy and revolutionary approach to disrupting the death industry, will be moderated by Chief Authenticity Officer, Gemma Stone.
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