MAX 2019: A Space Festival


Join MAX at the Intersection of Art and Science

We are proud to announce that in our first year we will be presenting world-class artists, scientists, and artist-engineers in some of San Francisco’s most renowned venues.

In MAX 2019: A Space Festival with 3 days of programming at The Exploratorium, the California Academy of Sciences, and Z Space, we will present works, small and large, that explore the new space age, the extraordinary scientific advances in this field, and the effect on our lives.



Star Stories

Star Stories represents Lakota youth from South Dakota's Rosebud Sioux Reservation as they collaborate with elders to retell their tribe's ancestral cosmology.

Lakota youth from South Dakota’s Rosebud Sioux Reservation collaborate with their elders to retell their tribe’s ancestral cosmology in new media.

Photographs taken by the youth will be on display as well as a multimedia presentation that delves into specific star stories and interviews conducted by the children of figures in their community.

Photo credit: Lakota Youth


Particle/Wave is a multimedia planetarium presentation that sees poets, musicians, sound and video artists joining forces with renowned scientists to interpret the theories of gravitational waves.

Photo credit: Andrew Watson





Outta this World Poetry Slam

Outta This World Poetry Slam

Young Bay Area poets will confront the theme of the New Space Age with sonic rhythmic constellations of poems in the festival’s poetry slam.

MAX has partnered with the renowned Youth Speaks to bring together hundreds of students at the nexus of space science and poetry. Young poets meet with scientist mentors before the slam and are given feedback by our esteemed judge’s panel. Come enjoy and support new voices in poetry and space science!

Mapping Microbes: The Search for E.T

How are microbes, organisms that live on and in us, the key to finding extraterrestrial life?

Find out at Mapping Microbes: The Search for E.T. where MAX is getting microbial! Ask our partner Cal Academy scientists about the microbes all around (and inside) us and perhaps some ‘alien’ microbes we have here on earth! The search for extraterrestrial life — and perhaps the origins of life — begins not outward, but inward.

The Heartbeat of the Earth

A Lakota Drum Circle will present and perform traditional music that evokes celestial storytelling and relative perspectives about humanity and their connection to the heavens and the Earth.

The drum represents the heartbeat of the earth and it is believed what happens in the heavens is reflected on Earth and vice versa, emphasizing interconnectivity. Experience this unique performance that resonates within us all!